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I am presenting a blog dedicated to Expat living in Poland.

My goal in “Expat in Poland” is to provide valuable and substantive knowledge. In short, specific hand guides and tips based on real case examples.

Expat in Poland

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User - Expat in Poland


"What a terrific article Mateusz! Thank you.
I wished I had read it in 2017 when we were doing a flat renovation in Warsaw. It went well but at a cost.
Look forward to more of your articles – perhaps on “how to buy a house” in Poland?
Thank you. Please keep educating us expats and foreigners."

User - Expat in Poland


Hi Mateusz,
Thanks a lot for this useful information. This article clarifies a lot about the Polish Tax Regulations.

User - Expat in Poland


"Thank you very much Mateusz, for making our lives easier here in Poland. And you do it for free. This is amazing and helpful blog."


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