In relation with newest rules and restrictions announced by our Health Minister (Adam Niedzielski), I am giving you quick update about current COVID situation. This article will be provided in form of a note, rather than my official planned articles, because of the character of this information. Below the “official” data about confirmed cases of COVID in Poland from Polish Health Ministry, presented during official conference from 17th of March.

We breached once again official barrier of 25 000 cases per day with 453 lethal cases. Accordingly with statistics from mr. Niedzielski – trend for these numbers is growing. Also, 52% of all confirmed cases, are the COVID mutation from UK. We have a 3rd wave already started. Click here to open in new tab summary of conference from yesterday afternoon (17th March).

Current safety rules in all provinces

From March 20 to April 9, the new restrictions will apply throughout whole Poland. This means, that following types of businesses will be closed:

  • hotels (exceptions include workers’ hotels, as well as accommodation provided as part of business trips – the exact catalog of exceptions along with the required confirmation of a business trip will be included in the regulation);
  • shopping malls – except for among others: grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, newsagent’s shops, bookstores, pet stores, DIY stores, hairdressers, optical shops, bank facilities and laundry services;
  • theaters, museums, art galleries (however, it is possible, to organize rehearsals and exercises, as well as online events);
  • cinemas (the ban on screening movies applies as well to cultural centers “domy kultury”);
  • swimming pools (except for swimming pools dedicated for performing medical activity and for members of the national team);
  • saunas, solariums, Turkish baths, slimming salons, casinos;
  • ski slopes;
  • fitness clubs and gyms;
  • sports facilities (may operate only for the needs of professional sports and without the participation of the audience).

Important! For safety reasons, all students in Poland – including grades 1-3 – will learn remotely. We also recommend working online throughout the country – wherever it is possible.

There is nothing like a “ban” for travelling during Easter, but National Health Fund and Health Ministry request for mindful behavior. Click here to check official source of the information from GOV website.

Vaccination statistics

In Poland, vaccination of the priority groups is continued. We talk about seniors, medics, teachers or patients with chronic diseases. On the date of writing this article, we have over 4 650 000 people who received already the first dose of the vaccine and over 1 500 000 people who received both doses (click here for source in Polish). In addition, registration for vaccinations for people over 70 will start on March 25. They will be able to register until March 27. Taking into the consideration total amount of population in Poland, which is almost 38 000 000 people, we are landing here with percentage of 12.24% population who received first dose of the vaccine.

Situation in UK looks much better as we talk about percentage. On the base of 66 700 000 population, 25 273 226 people received already first dose of the vaccine and 1 759 445 have already both doses. This results with 38% of vaccinated population. Health Minister from UK: Matt Hancock, confirmed that vaccinations are progressing faster than the schedule where all nine priority groups, or 32 million, are expected to be vaccinated by April 15.

Our World In Data website, which tracks vaccination progress (click here), shows that in the UK the number of doses administered per 100 people is 39.04, in the US it is 33.11 and in the European Union it is 11.81. Poland’s result is comparable with Germany, France, Italy or Spain.

Good news – example from abroad

We are heading in the right direction. Have a look on a case from Israel. Restaurants and hotels were opened, students were allowed to return to school. It is also possible to organize events for up to 300 people. However, some of the abolished restrictions apply only to holders of the so-called green pass. The government in Israel decided to ease the restrictions because 40% of the population has already received both doses of the vaccine, and another 13 percent – one dose. In a population of 9 300 000 Israelis, about three million are not eligible for vaccination. This group includes children and adolescents under 16 years of age and convalescents.

My message here is pretty simple. Let’s stay positive and behave responsible. In meantime – take care about yourself and your family. As soon, as percentage of vaccinated people will increase and lethal cases combined with confirmed detected positive COVID cases will be decreased, restrictions will be taken off as well.

“The darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn.”

― Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

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