About me…

Hello and Welcome on my blog! I am Mateusz – I just finished 3rd decade of my live and I am working as a full time employee in IT corporation in Kraków. At the same time, I am a husband and a dad of two hyperactive kids, what makes me pretty busy on a daily base 😉 If I have any free time, I enjoy meeting my family or friends. We (as a family), love watching good movies but also spending time actively or on travelling. Hiking and watching mountain views are one of my favorite.

That is me with "Morskie Oko" and "Czarny Staw" in the background - about me & blog.
That is me with “Morskie Oko” and “Czarny Staw” in the background – about me & blog.

Within last decade, I managed to move twice between countries with my family. All things related with moving to another place were creating a lot of questions and doubts in my head.

  • How do I search for place to stay?
  • How to find a job?
  • What about finances and taxes?
  • Public transport, buying car and driving license.
  • How do I handle regular shopping?
  • What about education? School and Language?
  • Will I be able to follow up with my hobby?

…and many more. While living in Netherlands, I was gathering all this information from the scratch. Building up my “comfort zone” took me some time. After 6 years spent “in the Dutch”, I moved back together with my family to my motherland: Poland

…and blog

Also in Poland, I had to start from the beginning – when I was younger, before I moved to Netherlands, I was not interested about things pointed out above. Since I am working in multicultural company in Kraków, I have noticed that many expats and my colleagues are facing the same issues. There are places where you can find some information about taxes, but for example only in local language. Maybe you have a friend, who gave you information about job opportunity in Poland, but nothing about local way of leaving and the costs. Most probably, you have heard rumors how to buy a car in here, but you don’t know where and how to start. Or you came here, since you were following “love and your second piece”, but you know nothing about this country. On this moment, there is no place, where you can get confirmed information and clarification about all those things. This is a problem.

Since I love to make the positive impact on a people and constantly learn new things, I want to deliver such place to you. My intention here, is to provide valuable information’s and build community of a people, who want to make wise decisions, based on confirmed knowledge.

How to start?

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