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  • 19/05 - Polish Labour Code – Leaves and Disclosure of salary (0) (Education & Career) (changes in the Polish Labour code, Disclosure of salary, leave for parents, Polish Labor Code, Polish Labour Code, rights)
  • 05/05 - Polish Labour Code – Remote work and Sobriety check in Poland (0) (Education & Career) (changes in the Polish Labour code, Polish Labor Code, Polish Labour Code, remote work, remote work in Poland, Soberity check, Soberity check at work in Poland, Soberity check in Poland)
  • 24/02 - Photovoltaic in Poland (1) (Home) (alternatives for energy, electricity, energy, How much does the Photovoltaic in Poland cost?, Is the Photovoltaic in Poland profitable?, Mój Prąd in english, Net billing in english, Photovoltaic in Poland, PV in Poland)
  • 16/12 - Gas and Coal heating in Poland (0) (Home) (coal, coal prince in Poland, energy, gas, gas grant 2023, gas price in Poland, gas subsidy 2023, heating, heating in Poland, tauron terminates gas contracts)
  • 25/11 - Future of Electricity in Poland (4) (Home) (alternatives for energy, bills, blackout in Poland, electric, electricity, energy, frozen price of energy, nuclear energy in poland, nuclear plant in poland)
  • 28/10 - Sightseeing Poland: Warsaw part two (0) (Hobby) (Koneser Square, Most beautiful places in Poland, Muzem Polskiej Wódki, PGE Narodowy, Polish Vodka, Polish Vodka Museum, Polska Wódka, Sightseeing Poland, Sightseeing Warsaw, Tourist attractions in Poland, trip to Warsaw, Visit Warsaw, Visit Warszawa, Warsaw PASS, Warsaw Prague, Warszawa)
  • 21/10 - Sightseeing Poland: Warsaw part one (1) (Hobby) (Most beautiful places in Poland, Sightseeing Poland, Sightseeing Warsaw, Tourist attractions in Poland, trip to Warsaw, Visit Warsaw, Visit Warszawa, Warszawa)
  • 26/08 - Sightseeing Poland: Wrocław & Polanica Zdrój (0) (Hobby) (Most beautiful places in Poland, Polanica Zdrój, Sightseeing Poland, Sightseeing Poland: Wrocław & Polanica Zdrój, Tourist attractions in Poland, Visit Wrocław, Wrocław)
  • 25/08 - Buy a used Car in Poland (37) (Transport) (annual maintenance, annual review, buy car in Poland, buy used car in Poland, buying a car, car, Car insurance in Poland, how to buy a car in Poland, Insurance, NNW, OC, przegląd, secondhand car in Poland)
  • 12/08 - Recession in Poland (2) (Everyday life) (poland economy, poland recession, recession, recession in Poland)
  • 05/08 - Wakacje kredytowe in English (0) (Money & Finance) (credit vacation poland, mortgage holiday, mortgage in Poland, poland mortgage holiday, wakacje kredytowe, wakacje kredytowe in English)
  • 29/07 - mObywatel in English (1) (Everyday life) (digital ID in Poland, mObywatel, mObywatel for Expat, mObywatel in English, mPojazd in English, Penalty Points in Poland)
  • 24/06 - Importing a car to Poland (1) (Transport) (export car from poland, export car from uk to poland, import car from germany to poland, import tax poland, Importing a car to Poland, registering a foreign car in poland, Registration of a used imported vehicle, used car in Poland)
  • 29/04 - Polski Ład in English 2.0 (3) (Money & Finance) (12% tax, Anti-Putin Shield, nowy ład, nowy ład in english, nowy nowy ład, polski ład 2.0, Polski Lad English, Polski Ład in English)
  • 15/04 - The Crown of a Polish Mountains (0) (Hobby) (free time in Poland, Góry, hobby, KGP, KGP in English, Korona Gór Polski, Korona Gór Polski in English, Polish Mountains, Rysy, Tatry, The Crown of a Polish Mountains)
  • 01/04 - PIT in Poland (26) (Money & Finance) (1%, e-pit, in poland, personal income tax, PIT, pit in poland, pitax, reliefs, tax)
  • 10/02 - Drink driving in Poland (0) (Transport) (car, drink driving in poland, drinking, driving, driving license, drugs, jazda po alkoholu english)
  • 04/02 - Polish Highway Code 2022 (10) (Transport) (car, driving, highway code, poland speeding fines 2022, poland traffic fines, Polish Highway Code 2022, speeding fines 2022, transport)
  • 11/01 - Ulga na powrót – Relief to come back (4) (Money & Finance) (PIT, polski lad, Polski Ład in English, Relief to come back, tax, tax relief, Ulga na powró, Ulga na powrót - Relief to come back)
  • 20/12 - Polski Ład and impact on your salary (14) (Money & Finance) (#polskilad, b2b, impact, Polish Deal, Polish Deal - "Polski Ład" in English, Polish Order, polski lad, Polski Lad English, Polski Ład English, Polski Ład impact on your salary, Polski Ład in English, salary, tax)
  • 19/11 - Online Patient Account (1) (Health) (COVID, doctor, health care in poland, healthcare in poland, IKP, Internetowe Konto Pacjenta, L4, Medical prescription in Poland, NFZ, Online Health Account, Prescription in Poland, Referral, Sick Leave, Sick-Leave in Poland)
  • 16/11 - Shopping apps and Black Friday in Poland (4) (Everyday life, Money & Finance) (bargain, Black Friday, Ceneo, Christmas, collaborative list, gift, listonic, Pepper, shopping, Skąpiec, Skapiec, stocard)
  • 05/11 - Residency procedures for UK nationals living in Poland – Brexit (4) (Everyday life) (brexit, come to poland, embassy of uk in poland, residence, Residency procedures for UK nationals living in Poland, rights, UK, UK citizens)
  • 22/10 - The Road Traffic Law in Poland (5) (Transport) (drunk driving in poland, electric scooter in Poland, pedestarians in Poland, poland, Resignation from the vehicle card and control sticker, Road Traffic Law, Road Traffic Law in Poland, speeding fines in Poland, Temporary withdrawal of the vehicle from traffic, traffic rules in poland)
  • 17/09 - The 2021 National Census in Poland (4) (Everyday life) (census poland, Spis Powszechny 2021)
  • 27/08 - Cost of Living in Poland (5) (Everyday life, Money & Finance) (Average Salary in Poland, cost of living in Poland, Cost of Renting and Buying in Poland, the currency in Poland)
  • 21/08 - Car sharing in Poland – Traficar (0) (Transport) (car rental, car rental in Poland, car sharing in Poland, car sharing Poland, rent a car in Poland, traficar)
  • 28/07 - Polish Deal – “Polski Ład” in English (11) (Everyday life, Money & Finance) (#polskilad, health care, NFZ, pis, Polish Deal - "Polski Ład" in English, polski lad, Polski Lad English, Polski Ład English, Polski Ład in English, tax)
  • 28/07 - Home defence in Poland (0) (Everyday life) (arrest, burglary, citizen arrest, civic arrest, Home defence in Poland, intrusion, law, life, police, seclusion, self-defence, theft)
  • 24/07 - Car accident in Poland (0) (Everyday life, Transport) (accident, car, Car accident in Poland, claim, driving, in case of accident, Insurance, PBUK, PMIB, polish news, road collision, statement)
  • 23/07 - Driving License in Poland (51) (Transport) (car, driving, driving license, exam, how to get PKK number in Poland, pkk, PKK number in Poland)
  • 23/07 - Study in Poland for foreigners (0) (Education & Career) (bachelor, bologna, education, IELTS, master, PhD, PTE, study, toefl)
  • 23/07 - Banking in Poland (4) (Money & Finance) (account, ATM, bank, Banking in Poland, debit card, ePuap, ING, mBANK, money, NFC, PEKAO, PKO, Santander, transfers)
  • 23/07 - LPG – Autogas in Poland (1) (Transport) (calculator, cost, diesel, gasoline, LPG, petrol, savings, V6)
  • 23/07 - Health Care in Poland (19) (Health) (doctor, health care, health care in poland, healthcare in poland, hospital, kto ma lek, ktomalek, L4, levels, luxmed, medical, Medicines, medicover, NFZ, poland health care, private)
  • 23/07 - The Educational system in Poland (2) (Education & Career) (elementary school, fine, high school, liceum, otouczelnie, primary school, reform 2017, reforma 2017, school, secondary school, study, szkoła branżowa, technical school, technikum, The Educational system in Poland, vocational school)
  • 23/07 - Public Holidays in Poland (2) (Everyday life, Hobby) (al, annual leave, bank holiday, day off, halloween, holiday, holidays, imieniny, vacation)
  • 23/07 - Apartment for rent in Poland (0) (Home) (apartment, contract, Cooperative rent, deadline, energy, flat, home, Housing Association, how to, internet, rent, renting, rights, step by step)
  • 23/07 - Mystery of PESEL number (9) (Everyday life) (Municipal, pesel, residence, Township, Urząd Gminy)
  • 23/07 - Learning Polish (0) (Education & Career, Everyday life) (learn, learning, polish, speak fluent)
  • 23/07 - Revolut – alternative for banking (6) (Money & Finance) (bank, card, currency, eschange, exchange, Insurance, money, revolut, stock, trade, travel)
  • 30/06 - Water Sport & Activities in Poland (1) (Hobby) (aquapark, deepspot, fishing, kayak, kayaking, lakes, motorboat, poland, sport, suntago, water, waterpark)
  • 30/04 - Police detention in Poland – part II (2) (Everyday life) (arrest, code, compensation, criminal, detention, duties, extended, ID, IDing, inspection, interpreter, laws, lawyer, police, power, rights, search, traffic, wrongful)
  • 23/04 - Police detention in Poland – part I (6) (Everyday life) (arrest, code, criminal, detention, duties, ID, IDing, interpreter, laws, lawyer, police, power, rights)
  • 15/04 - Heating cost in Poland (8) (Home, Money & Finance) (bills, blue fuel, coal, energy, gas, heating, LPG, tarrif)
  • 25/03 - Electricity price in Poland (3) (Home, Money & Finance) (bills, electric, electricity, energy, excel, G11, G12, G12w, gas, rachuneo, tariff)
  • 18/03 - COVID restrictions – update from March (0) (Health) (coronavirus, COVID, health, restrictions, vaccination, vaccine)
  • 11/03 - Handyman and renovation services in Poland (7) (Home)
  • 04/03 - Air Sport & Activities in Poland (1) (Hobby) (adrenaline, Air sport in Poland, bungee, extreme adrenaline, highest, hobby, jump, parachute, paraglide, tandem)
  • 18/02 - Electric car in Poland (5) (Transport) (car, driving, eco, electric, fuel, transport)
  • 22/01 - Pregnant in Poland (0) (Everyday life, Health) (baby, delivery, delivery plan, ePuap, family benefits, hospital, leaves, newborn, pregnancy)
  • 19/01 - Pregnancy in Poland (5) (Everyday life, Health) (delivery, doctor, hospital, NFZ, pregnancy, rights, woman, women)
  • 14/01 - POZ / GP doctor in Poland (18) (Health) (clinic, COVID, doctor, first contact, gp, GP doctor in Poland, L4, luxmed, medicover, NFZ, poz, POZ / GP doctor in Poland)
  • 11/01 - COVID vaccination for foreigners living in Poland (26) (Health) (COVID, foreigners, medical aspect, NFZ, pesel, pregnant women, vaccination, vaccine)
  • 23/12 - End of the Year (0) (Everyday life) (2016, 2020, Christmas, COVID, new year, wish, wishes, year)
  • 18/12 - Courier, carrier and removal – parcel in Poland (1) (Everyday life, Transport) (allegro, ClickTrans, Furgonetka, InPost, jonny, package, removal, send parcel from Poland, Send Parcel to Poland, transport)
  • 11/12 - ePuap in Poland (4) (Everyday life) (500+, bank, business, ePuap, ID, PIT, profil zaufany, trusted profile)
  • 27/11 - Public transport in Poland (4) (Transport) (discount, e-podroznik, intercity, jakdojade, monthly ticket, portalpasazera, profit, public transport, reduced ticket, ticket, train, tram)
  • 16/11 - Bio Shopping in Poland (0) (Everyday life, Health) (bio, eco, food, livestock, mammals, organic, planet, shop, store)
  • 30/10 - Get active in Poland – let’s keep moving (2) (Health) (4f, activity, decathlon, health, indoor, mapy.cz, outdoor, sklep sportowy, sport)
  • 20/10 - Grocery stores in Poland (1) (Everyday life, Money & Finance) (auchan, Biedronka, Kaufland, Lidl, markets, shops, Żabka)
  • 16/10 - Immune system – our natural resistance (0) (Health) (cold shower, Dutch Iceman, golden milk, immune system, immunity, mulled wine, onion, wim hof)

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