Hello EinP community!

I started running Expat in Poland in June 2020. This pretty simple idea was born in my head few months earlier, during the first COVID lockdown. Why am I saying this? I see that the amount of a people following my EinP social media and/or subscribing the EinP newsletter grows every month. Actually, I received many emails and comments with positive feedback from Expats living in Poland, but also from people who are planning to move here. I am really happy to see, that the blog “does the job”.

I also received offers from a complete strangers, claiming their will to support my work. This means a lot for me. And I took this a trigger for an action. So, if my articles helped you and you would like to support me and my work, you can buy me a virtual coffee (or few coffees) 😊. This will help me with running my blog, creating new ingenious and useful content along with making me very pleased 😉 Who knows where it goes in the future. I hope for the best and I still have a lot of a plans and ideas which I would love to implement.

Please don’t get me wrong here. Payments are voluntary. This means, that buying such a coffee is not obligatory for using the materials collected on the blog. Make a deposit only if you have an option to do so and if you like the idea of buying me a virtual coffee for my effort 🙂 I am very grateful for every penny.

By clicking one of the green buttons below, you will be taken to my profile on:

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You can buy me one coffee (or any quantity indicated by you) which will be credited to my account and will allow me to work on new creative materials. Whole operation can be made without registering anywhere.

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Cheers and thank you very much!

Mateusz from EinP 😊