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So, Air sport in Poland! I am a big fan of Adrenaline and activities which speed up blood pressure in my veins. Do you feel the same, but still miss to find anything around you? Allow me to introduce most common activities which can be performed in the Air with a pinch of adrenaline! You can also follow up wih next article from the same series, about Water sport – click here.

Bungee Jumping – Air sport in Poland

Air Sport in Poland - Bungee
Air Sport in Poland – Bungee

Great beginning for all of us looking for an activity to start adventure with serious adrenaline rush. There is no need to describe more about jumping itself – bungee crew gives you gear to wear, they test it and you jump. Below I listed the most popular and most important – safe places to jump all over the Poland. All listed objects are certified with ISO 9001. In order to make as smart as possible, I listed object name, city, price and height in one table – just click on name in order to open page of specific object. A

dditional thing worth mentioning – you need to pay before jump – there are no refunds, if you change your mind at the top of the tower or crane 😉 Additional insane news: Poland has the world’s highest bungee jumping point! Big Tower in Szczecin is an absolute brute – at some of the days, the top of the tower is covered with the clouds. There is no need to start in Szczecin – if you for example prefer to have a nice views for a mountain area, you should have start in Zakopane or Kostrzyca – two completely different mountain complexes.

CityNameHeight in metersPrice
GdańskCrane Jump90   150.00 zł
GłogówDream Tower222   300.00 zł
KostrzycaGiant Tower100   240.00 zł
KrakówCrane Jump90   150.00 zł
SzczecinBig Tower252   352.00 zł
WarszawaBungee Mario90   130.00 zł
WrocławStadion90     69.00 zł
ZakopaneBungee Jumping90   150.00 zł

Bungee Jump vs Dream Jump

One thing worth mentioning, which makes a technical difference between Bungee and Dream Jumping. Dream Jump – is a patented technique of jumping from height with the use of a belay system made of dynamic ropes and a pulley. The basis of the jumping system are two dynamic ropes loosely suspended between two objects, in their original arrangement resembling the letter “U”. Thanks to the application of such a suspension of the Dream Jump rope system, it is possible to extend the free fall, up to 90% of the height of the object from which the jump is made.

Dream Jump allows you longer free fall, better safety, fall forces management which spread over the whole body and performing various acrobatics in the air. If you would like to know more about Dream Jump itself, its technique and see full comparison of a features between Bungee and Dream Jump, I strongly recommend having a look on this link: click.

Paragliding – Tandem – Air sport in Poland

Air Sport in Poland - Paragliding
Air Sport in Poland – Paragliding

Paragliding in Tandem is a paraglider flight for a sightseeing for one person. you would place a passenger seat in a two-seater paramotor. A qualified pilot sits at the helm. He will choose the most interesting route during the flight to present landscapes from a height of several hundred meters. The flight is recreational and scenic. Therefore, with the instructor’s consent, you can take photographic equipment on board. Since Paragliders have no ISO, but internal flight / glide certifications, I’ve choosen the ones with best experience and practice documented on their official webpages.

CityNameGliding time in minutesPrice
BydgoszczLoty Paralotnią15 – 20    199.00 zł
GdańskLoty Paralotnią15 – 20    199.00 zł
KatowiceAlbatros10 – 30    250.00 zł
KrakówLoty Tandemowe20    299.00 zł
ŁódźLoty Paralotnią15 – 20    199.00 zł
SzczecinLoty Paralotnią15 – 20    199.00 zł
WarszawaLoty Paralotnią15 – 20    199.00 zł
WrocławParagliding20    300.00 zł

Parachute jump – Tandem

Parachut jumping in Poland
Parachut jumping in Poland

After a short training with an instructor and putting on the necessary equipment, the plane lifts the jumpers to the appropriate height. The flight itself takes about 15 minutes, and when the pilot reaches the required height, the jumpers can continue their jump. The free fall lasts about 50 seconds, then at an altitude of 1700 m the parachute is officially opened. Gliding takes 8 to 10 minutes. During this time, you should be able to control the flight under the watchful eye of the instructor. Landings in tandem jumps are delicate due to the fact that you will depend completly on the instructor.

As we talk about Parachute jumps, the best way to choose best price with highest safety and quality of whole service, then “Katalog Marzeń” (the catalog of dreams) seems to be most reasonable option to follow. It is a company which does the checkups for each single cooperating company and in addition offers very good discounts, especially for things as popular as Parachute Jump. Below I provided the link, which leads directly to Parachute Jumping divided by the cities already with prices.

All general rules for parachute jumps are very standardized – around 4000m height, weight of a jumper below 115kg and general good health conditions. Pricing for standard jump oscillates between 700 and 900 zł

Flight in the wind tunnel – Air sport in Poland

Flight in the wind tunnel
Flight in the wind tunnel

What if you would like to try with feeling freefall and drifting in the air, but you are not ready yet for jumping out of the plain or of the top of the 200m tower? Wind tunnel aka Aero Tunnel (tunel aerodynamiczny) seems to be perfect option for you. So as we know, what is it and how does this look like, it’s worth finding out why it brings so much excitement. The magic is in carefree feeling. Safe tunnels, in which adults and children give up flying, arouse admiration with their appearance. Apart from the feelings coming from the main point of experience for a moment, we also have the visual layer that plays a huge role in the perception of this activity.

As we talk about the price, it is from 100 up to 250 zł per person and single flight aka. freefall. You can find them easily in every part of a Poland. I listed below cities, where you can find aero tunnel with good reputation and customer satisfaction:

  • Warszawa,
  • Poznań,
  • Katowice,
  • Wrocław,
  • Leszno

And last but not least, the contraindications:

  • shoulder joint problems
  • back problems that prevent you from bending safely backwards
  • previous stroke or heart attack
  • mental disorders
  • state after the consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • weight over 130 kg
  • in the case of women – pregnancy

From my point of view, the best way to find proper opportunity for yourself is again a portal “Katalog Marzeń” , which allows you to compare best price, location and terms from every available place. Link below:


I have listed above most common Air activities for a fan of an adrenaline. Quick tip: if you are not into it, this might be great idea for your partner, family member or friends if you are looking for original birthday gift. Anyway – please let me know if You like it, since I do have an idea for other posts related with mud, water, or stamina challenge 😉

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