Send Parcel to Poland or send parcel from Poland?

The most efficient, safe, quick, and cheap way for sending or receiving parcel in Poland and globally. What in case of bigger package? How can we find best offer for movement from one place to another? Also, in case of removals – how to find the best offer? Choosing proper carrier or courier might be a big challenge. Luckily, in the XXI century, internet is full of a possibilities. Let’s explore a most popular of them available in Poland. Below the bulleted list of a subjects covered in my article:

Allow me to come back to the history of our Jonny, who was looking for alternatives in case of a transport in a big city, without own car. If you would like to refresh yourself his adventure and outcome of the test for public state transport, I encourage you to use this link: click here. Jonny is facing new challenges related with Christmas – “the Christmas gifts”. He needs to buy multiple packages to his immediate family, friends, and girlfriend. This is the place, where I would like to introduce…

InPost – receive and send parcel in Poland

Inpost - parcel in Poland
Inpost – parcel in Poland

InPost – Courier company, which allows you to pick up your package any moment from chosen parcel locker. No need to wait for courier whole day. No problems with advice note (awizo) and shipment to be collected at the facility. You may get it from over 10000 different parcel lockers in a whole country, whenever you want. This is the way, how InPost combined with parcel lockers work. It might be even better than it sounds. If our Jonny, does the shopping via Allegro, he might get SMART option (I love this word), which means free delivery to thousands of Parcel Lockers, Pickup Points and free courier for 49 zł for a whole year.

Nowadays, Allegro made a new promotional campaign, where the yearly fee is reduced to 39 zł for a whole year. You may use it only until 24th of December and you definitely have my referral for it. There is a link with all details about it. Covering costs of sending only one single package via Allegro may cost you additional 8 to 20 zł. If you buy SMART service right now, it will cost you 3.25 zł per month. And you may use it as much as You want, for as many packages as you need. Coming back to Jonny, only in December he saved a lot of money, since all 20x packages ordered by him from different sellers on Allegro, would have cost him at least 160 zł (20 times minimum charge, which is 8 zł).

Sending the package via InPost

It is beneficial, but what in case of sending, not receiving a package? On the day of writing this article, InPost offers sending from a Parcel Locker, ParcelPoint or pick up by the courier. Taking into the consideration the ease of usage, availability of lockers in Poland, digitalized process, availability in English and price of the carrier, I would have risked the claim, that InPost is the best option for sending small or regular domestic shipments in Poland nowadays. But! Jonny is facing another challenge. Some of these packages, need to be sent abroad to his family as well! And InPost does not support foreign shipments. This might be stressful situation.

Furgonetka – receive and send parcel globally

But feel no fear! Furgonetka dot PL, is here! Yes – another search engine – this time for getting best quotes for sending all kind of a packages. Small ones, big ones, envelopes, pallets or any other atypical. You may send a package but also order a pickup by the courier from any place you want. Portal allows you to organize a transport in Poland as well as abroad. As you may expect, sending a package abroad, cost much more than in case of regular domestic package, so I made a small gallery below with example pricing for regular package (20cm x 10cm x 10cm) sent to Spain, Hungary, UK, Netherlands, USA, India and China.

It was not hard to guess, that shipping costs for parcels going out of the Europe will be much more expensive. Still, Furgonetka allows you to compare the pricing and availability for a very different type and size of a package, to a different country in the world. It does not include possibilities for shipping for example to Japan or Mexico but is seems to be best option on this particular moment. Portal is available in Polish, English and German. In addition, it is very intuitive and allows you to choose proper carries with few simple clicks. It seems to be a perfect solution for Jonny, who can easily choose the best courier for the shipment to Spain.

Since the new year is coming, Jonny made another “big step” in his life. He and his girlfriend made the decision about living together! Which means, that she needs to move all her stuff to their new bigger flat. Since they do not have a car, and packages would be to expensive they would need to find the best offer from removal company.

Clicktrans – removals in Poland

So, the Clicktrans. I used this portal on my own when I moved back from Netherlands to Poland few years back. It is not regular search engine, which gives you the best options for chosen package. The rule of working here is slightly different. You may choose from very different types of a transport:

  • Furniture
  • Removals (Home, Office, Appartment)
  • All types of a Cars
  • Motorcycles and the scooters
  • Other vehicles
  • Pallets
  • Packages
  • Machines and equipment
  • Pets
  • Special Precaution
  • Boats
  • Atypical package

In case of each single category, you would need go through the process which allow you to describe your need and put it as the offer on transport market. A market, where your declaration about the need of a transport or removal will be quoted by carriers! Yes, you see it right. Carriers will quote you, if they are interested about helping you with removal, so at the end you will be able to choose the best offer.

These carriers have own ranks, feedback, and official data which you can check. Such option gives you overview about carriers with reliable referral validated by ClickTrans and other users. Except my own positive experience with this portal, I may also share a feedback from my friend, who was able to save a lot of money on behalf of Clicktrans. He used it for transport of a tuned car from UK to Poland and simply chose the best “price / feedback” offer.

Since Clicktrans gathers carriers from all kind of a categories (from car tow trucks, animals transport, and single furniture, finishing on a complexed apartments removals including help with loading and unloading ), site allows to get a quote for almost of almost anything that you can imagine. I need to mention here, that in some of the cases, it may take some time before the carriers will react on your post with proper offer. There is also additional thing – plan your transport in advance. You need to be aware, that in most of the cases, sentence “I need a removal of my apartment” combined with “as soon as possible”, makes price double. So do not leave such things on a last moment and try to plan in advance as much as possible.

Coming back to Jonny

So, in a result of using Clikctrans, Jonny was able to find the removal company adjusted to his needs,  including help of a driver with loading and unloading the goods from the removal truck, two weeks before actual removal, what gave him some time for preparation and packing his stuff. He will keep in mind as well, that he may ask for a quote of a transport every single time, when such removal (also between the countries) or atypical transport is needed.

Actually, Jonny will come back with a few more adventures in the future – as we all know, just after moving in to new apartment together with your girlfriend, IKEA becomes a place, which “you both decided to visit” as soon as possible. And I will come back to it in my next article related with transport, since this seems to be a great opportunity to introduce even more related solutions. Would you like to be up to date with it? Subscribe my newsletter or follow me in Social Media.

Summary of Courier, carrier and removal – parcel in Poland

As we talk about receiving a package, SMART option for Allegro is one of the best possibilities to save some money and the time on choosing and dealing with a shipping companies. InPost offers as well really good conditions for sending regular domestic packages. In case of not regular packages, or packages outside of Poland, Furgonetka is the best polish search engine for finding most optimal courier. Both portals are available in English. If you are looking for removal or a transport “out of the box”, Clicktrans gives you possibility to get a quote on it.

I hope that this article will help you with choosing right carrier for your goods. At the same time, I would love to hear from you about any experience that you have with transport companies – once again – it might be a history with a value which will help other people visiting my blog. Take care!

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